The Current Sheriff – Graham Barker

Graham Barker, High Sheriff of Berkshire 2018 – 2019

Graham’s career has been in Human Resources and he has worked for a variety of organisations in London in both the public and private sector. Since his retirement, he has been involved with a range of charities and community groups in both Berkshire and London.

Current roles include:

Board member of the Royal National Theatre Foundation; Senior Assistant on the Court of the Worshipful Company of Arts Scholars; Council member of the Royal Numismatic Society; volunteer at the British Museum.

His interests include music, theatre, Roman coins and Roman archaeology. In 2017 he was awarded an MA in Classics and Ancient History by Warwick University. In 2018 he was elected a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries. Graham and his wife support the Portable Antiquities Scheme, administered by the British Museum.

He met his wife, Joanna, at Durham University. Joanna has retired from her career in finance and was awarded an MBE for the work of the charity Target Ovarian Cancer which she founded in 2008.

The three themes of his year as High Sheriff are: Community, Compassion and Culture. The focus of his year will be on initiatives for early intervention to prevent or reduce youth crime and also rehabilitation of offenders.


Graham supports the work of charities and volunteers who support communities across Berkshire. In particular, he wishes to support the work of the Berkshire Community Foundation which provides essential help for vital charity work across the County. On Sunday 24th February a Charity Gala will be held at the Theatre Royal Windsor in aid of the Berkshire Community Foundation and Mousetrap Theatre Projects which takes disadvantaged children to the theatre.


In addition to supporting initiatives for early intervention to prevent or reduce youth crime, Graham is also highlighting those charities and volunteers who support ex-offenders in Berkshire. He held a Berkshire conference for employers in November 2018 entitled “Employment for All: breaking the barriers” which set out the benefits to employers of recruiting those with a disability and reformed ex-offenders. In December 2018 he held a consultation at St George’s House, Windsor on Rehabilitation of Offenders, He is a supporter of the Thames Hospice and their plan to move to a new building at Bray Lakes.


Graham is keen to promote the culture of Berkshire and its rich heritage in particular. Graham supports the excellence of Reading University. The partnership between the British Museum and Reading University for the BM’s Archaeological Research Centre in Reading will be significant for Berkshire. Graham has supported concerts in the Windsor Festival (RPO) and in the 2018 Reading-on-Thames Festival of Culture (London Mozart Players).