The Current High Sheriff

Alexander Barfield


I am honoured to be the youngest High Sheriff in the Country for 2024-2025.

Fostered in Maidenhead, then adopted in Wokingham, I have lived my entire life in Berkshire.  I have lived in Wokingham, Winnersh, Bracknell, Warfield and Waltham St Lawrence.

I went to the Emmbrook School in Wokingham, leaving at the age of 17, going straight into full time work.  I have worked for Waitrose, Heathrow and the voluntary sector.  I have been involved in the voluntary sector in Berkshire for 11 years, managing a charitable trust and undertaking many voluntary roles. I am passionate about the voluntary sector and recognise its essential role in our society.

I enjoy playing the piano, gardening, flying, skiing, meeting people and volunteering.  I am always inspired by those who give their time to help others, often quietly and without reward.

Most High Sheriffs have a theme which provides a focus for their Shrieval year.  Whilst I have a theme, I will not be limiting my attendance to events on that theme alone and I hope to learn about the great work undertaken by a variety of causes and organisations.

The theme for my Shrieval year is ‘opportunities for young people,’ as I believe someone’s background should never be a barrier to them reaching their potential.