The Current High Sheriff



About me

I was born in Tanda, a small village in the Punjab region of India.

My family emigrated to England in 1966, living in Slough where members of my family remain.


I was educated at the local primary schools, then known as Lea Junior and Lea Middle in Wexham. I subsequently attended Slough High School (now the Upton Court Grammar School).


After studying Law at Leicester and Guildford, I returned to Slough, subsequently moving to Windsor and Bray.

My legal practice started in Reading, and I then moved to a firm with offices in London and Buckinghamshire.


I am fortunate to be serving the Royal County during the late Queen’s Platinum Jubilee year and looking ahead to serve His Majesty King Charles III.

I had the honour of reading the Proclamation outside Reading Town Hall and paying my respects to Her late Majesty Queen Eizabeth II at the Committal service in St George’s Chapel.


My themes

Most High Sheriffs have themes which provide a focus as to what they may wish to promote during their Shrieval year. Whilst I have two themes, I will not be limiting my attendance at events to those themes alone and hope to learn about the work undertaken by a variety of causes and organisations.


My first theme is education. I have been lucky enough to have attended excellent schools in the County and am aware of the importance of a good education and the opportunities it creates.


My second theme is the “Hidden Heroes” in the County – those people who quietly, consistently and with little or no fanfare serve their communities, whether it be by looking after the vulnerable in the local neighbourhood or working with established groups or charities.